The Music Workshop for Special Needs Adults is founded on the proposition that human potential for creativity and musical expression is not limited by intellectual disabilities. Through cultivation of musical talent, people with significant challenges can develop creatively and make important contributions to the cultural and economic life of their communities.

The Music Workshop provides clients with professional musical instrument training, professional singing training, and musical ensemble performances.  In the workshop studio, musicians master piano, keyboard, drums, voice, and other musical instruments. They also learn how to play instruments and sing in a musical group while the musicians play. The Workshop staff is made up of music teachers/directors, professional musicians, and behavioral technicians whose role it is to help facilitate this development and provide guidance when needed. When they are ready, the Workshop clients will give concert performances to raise additional monies for the program and to provide extra income for themselves.

Although not restricted to, the Workshop primarily targets disabled adults on the Autism spectrum. Many with Autism have musical splinter skills that often times never get developed. For these disabled adults, they can feel pride that they are professional musicians providing a needed service for society. However, all attendees must be special needs adults. When giving performances, normal functioning musicians and singers will perform with the attendees on occasion. When this happens, they will specifically be identified as guest performers.

Current musicians are as follows:

Omari Kiasi-Barnes is a young man of 26 years old. He plays the keyboard. He is fairly raw as a musician but he has the ability to play with other musicians and play in rhythm. He has a moderate to severe Autism disorder. He has even written one song.

Remington Walker is a young man in his late twenties. He sings.

Kai Penic is a young man in his twenties. He sings.

Annette Hammond is a middle aged lady. She is our rapper and singer.

Brian Rowe is a young man in his twenties. He plays percussion.

Julius Armstrong, a young man in his twenties, plays drums.


     Upcoming Performances:

-  --- World of Possibilities Expo, Sports and Learning Complex, Saturday October 3, 2020 at 12 noon.

--- OBI Bull and Oyster Roast, November 2020, TBD.

--- The Gathering Place Christmas Celebration Service, December 2020, TBD.


    We have started a drumming class consisting of 1-hour sessions on Saturday at 10am, every 2 weeks, free for Music Workshop members.

   Youtube videos of their performance at the Lake Arbor Community Data Festival on June 11, 2016 are:

To contact the Music Workshop, please e-mail David Kiasi at david.kiasi<@> or calling (301) 335-5802.